Tuesday 30 July 2013

Lazy Sunday Sushi Party

Wherever there's a wee get together, there's always space for a bit of bunting.  We were just having our monthly cousin gathering and of course with my turn coming up, I had left everything until the last minute! ooopps!  Ok, I had always just planned to get a beautiful Sushi platter in, but there are always the other bits and pieces to do too!   Somehow, things get done and all goes according to plan.  Maya had fun watching me put together the lovely fan bunting together.  I just purchased some sheets of origami paper from Paperchase and I was off!  We made some little boats too, which Maya stuck to the walls and a lovely paper lantern bunting which I had stored in my cupboard from a few years ago..Oh, how things come in and handy. ;-)  

Yummy Sushi platter from M&S . I must say, I was so impressed and will be giving this a go again soon..
In addition to the sushi, I prepared some very quick bites - chicken goujon strips with sweet chilli sauce, pork meatballs with sticky plum sauce. :-)

Banana leaves! My new favourite toy... I also love the fact that the remaining ones were frozen and have been used for other occasions. Just make sure they are completely thawed out before cutting or using.  Ahh, so that was my very speedy Sushi lunch - will definitely be exploring this one again! :-) 

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