Friday 26 October 2012

Hong Kong Goodies

Whilst travelling in Hong Kong for the past few days, I was slightly overwhelmed with the ...dinky sweets and yummy scrummy packaging which was on offer in the local 7 11 (YES!?) and City Super stores.  My daughter has obviously loved playing with the boxes.. I daren't tell her about the world of goodies inside... surely, she'll work that out soon! 
Gorgeous little lollipops! :-)
Moomin and Minnie metal tins with boiled sweeties... I just want to keep the tins out on display
These have got to be my favourite.... Minnie and Mickey chocolate lollipops!  
...Then I found the cutest stationery! I just wanted to buy everything! :-)  Thankfully, it's all so tiny, that you just manage to squeeze in a few more things into the already exploding luggage! :-)

Tiny sandwich bags...for super tiny sandwiches! :-) Cute!

I love these stickers... and the tic&tac 2 coloured pen! 

Teeny weeny bows :-)

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