Sunday 1 September 2013

Maya's 3rd Birthday Japanese Tea Party

Looking through Maya's great selection of toys and wonders we have collected over the past 3 years (yes, I can't believe she is 3 already!) it seemed perfect to team everything together... Voila! We had a little Japanese theme in the making.  Cute little Woodland dolls from Lapin and Me, Kewpie, both mini and large picked up from a gorgeous little shop in Copenhagen last year and all the wee little momiji dolls added to the birthday table.  Kewpie is my personal favourite and it seemed just the occasion to use mini K as the cake topper!  I also found this dear little webshop for the yummy Japanese candies.   
I found the lovely vintage kimono fabrics on ebay - cute little stork print in just the vibrant colours I love.

I love the oriental lucky cats and found these gorgeous little erasers which were propped up on the window sill with yummy little treat bags filled with scrumptious treats.

Maya feeling very proud of the fact that she had finally discovered how to blow out the candles on her cake - love her x
Maya's cake was a simple vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam and a cream cheese frosting! Went down ok as we can see!

These have got to be my favourite from Tofu Cute. Teeny tiny Hello Kitty and friends lollies! :-)
Yes! What can I say - a dressing up party for the Woodland Dolls by the end of the Maya's party! So much fun! :-)

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