Thursday 28 February 2013

My Favourite Shortbread Recipe..

This is one of those recipes which I visit time and time again.... Yes, Delia's Smith's Shortbread!  So simple to get right and with a little creativity, anything can be added to these.  I made two batches - a version with some chopped almonds and the bars which were a hazelnut and cranberry variety.  The semolina in this recipe also adds that lovely crunch and gives them more of a surprise texture, rather some of the shop bought ones which are a little too smooth for my liking.  
Straight out of the oven and a dredge of caster sugar sprinkled on top!
I find that the tart tins are just perfect for these and why not have a go with a regular cake tin with removable base.  I use both for baking these shortbread.  

Shortbread with finely chopped almonds baked in a removable base cake tin. Simple! :-) 

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